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Advent Entertainment Film Slate

We have a Slate of Film and Television Projects which are Visually Stunning and Appeal to Broad Demographics

Advent Forms JV -Joint Venture with Luminary TV/Vela

Advent has entered into a joint venture with Luminary TV-Vela, a venture focused on leveraging over 1 billion consumers and buyers linked through  3.0 ( NFT,s Metaverse, Space Tech, Art, Unique Merchandise Offers, and Crowdfunded projects)  and the web 2.0  mass markets in a “QVC Meets Shark Tank” like crowdfunded pitch and presentation done in both long forms (30-minute TV episodes) and short form made for digital and social TV.
Advisors include Shark Tank Founder Kevin Harrington.

The joint venture has tapped the deal flow community at Vela, a Beverly Hills-based based community and membership for ventures and investors to meet up, which will provide hosted televised events in spectacular mansions showcasing live TV presentations of the next deals.
Merchandise and crowdfunding offers, NFTS’and Auctions will be pitched from the platform live on Smart TVs through a deal signed with Samsung TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Vizio, on social media channels worldwide. Offers will go out on NFT and auction platforms as well bringing a “360-degree” program to the Luminary ecosystem.
Luminary is tied to major influencers reaching over 1 billion fans daily,  business leaders, celebrity and athlete endorsers, and ventures and is managing NFT Artwork that will be sent on Spoce X to the moon in Q3-2023 through its collaboration with

Film and Television Slate

We are Building Films, Television Shows and Video Games…

Ancillary markets such as video games and merchandising make incredible amounts of money. Fortnite, the popular battle-royale video game, is estimated to have made $1.8 billion in revenues in 2019. We plan to make video games for many of the Advent intellectual properties.

Stan Lee’s Legion of 5

The Creator of Avengers, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk and many more…

Lee Baker, owner of Advent Entertainment, is a 50% owner in this new franchise created by Stan Lee*. Five young heroes mistakenly armed with super abilities struggle with personal issues as they join together to fight a super-powered force which the military cannot control.
*See disclosure details of Stan Lee’s Legion of 5.

Speed of Light

Based on the Novel by Lee Baker

Larry King of CNN said, “Speed of Light by Lee Baker is a terrific read that takes you on a fast-paced, thrilling experience and journey with twists and turns that surprise and entertain! It’s a book you won’t want to put down. Lee Baker makes a strong impact with his first novel, and reveals himself as a master storyteller!”
Speed of Light is planned to be the first Advent Token project.

Advent FX Team Experience

Lee Baker, owner of Advent Entertainment, is also the owner of the Visual Effects and Animation company Advent FX

The following reels show the experience of Lee Baker’s teams along with the experience of Jarom Sidwell.

Advent FX Video Game Experience

Lee Baker, owner of Advent Entertainment, is also the owner of the Visual Effects and Animation company Advent FX

The following shows the experience of Lee Baker’s teams on video game projects they have contributed to or created from start to finish.